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Mentoring Opportunities

Additional Programs for Those Interested in Becoming Farmers

Mentoring with a successful sustainable farmer is possibly the best way to learn how to farm. This component of the Stateline Farm Beginnings® program can be tailored to the needs of each participant. OptionsStateline Farm Beginnings Graduates Danica Hoehn and Adolfo Parra range from full-time employment, weekly volunteer work for hands-on experience, or monthly meetings to discuss specific topics – all with a farmer-mentor who has skills or knowledge that the participant is interested in learning. The mentorship match is facilitated by the Stateline Farm Beginnings® facilitator, with follow-through and completion managed by the participant and their mentor.

Stateline Farm Beginnings graduates Adolfo Parra and Danica Hoehn own Belly Fire Farm (BFF), a small, bio-intensive, organically operated, family farm building just and joyful community through food, work, play, and education. BFF specializes in vegetables, herbs, berries, and milk soaps.

"Belly Fire Farm's milk soap enterprise is an important part of our small diversified farm business. Mentoring with Tracey Hall of Grace Note Farm was an essential step in our learning process. Through Stateline Farm Beginnings' farm mentoring program, we were able to spend the day with Tracey at her farm learning from her soap making experience.  We gathered specialized knowledge, skills, techniques, and advice that we use every time we make a batch of goat's milk soap. My personal favorite skill we learned is how to make our soap super sudsy and long lasting."

--Danica Hoehn