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Blog Archive: August 2010

Randy Mermel and Michael Suess utilizing whole tree architecture for the cob oven shelter.

The cob oven workshop is quickly approaching! The work crew has been busy preparing the area for the cob workshop.  It is essential to have a good roof and a strong foundation when building with cob so it lasts.  The foundation was completed over the summer using reclaimed urbanite. Last week, Michael Suess and Randy Mermel harvested local locust trees and began building the unique structure for the earth oven shelter.  Whole tree architecture is being utilized for its strength and asthetic value, as well as economic and ecological benefits.  There are still spaces available for the upcoming workshop.  This will...

Building a Cob Oven

Many visitors who have come to the farm in the past 2 years have enjoyed fresh baked bread and pizza from our unique oven.  In addition to learning about the process of artisan baking, they have also had the opportunity to learn about this form of sustainable building.  This earth oven is made from cob.  Cob is one of the oldest building materials.


It is a mixture of clay, sand, and straw; making it simple to source locally.  There is no need to ship in building materials. A variety of groups have utilized the earth oven,...