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Blog Archive: October 2012

Altfrid Krusenbaum introducing his dairy herd

The fount of knowledge that flowed from Altfrid Krusenbaum’s lips in two and a half hours was staggering. Delivered with a casual, down-to-earth and generous demeanor, the CRAFT farmers in attendance soaked up Altfrid’s counsel on a brisk day in early October at Krusen Grass Farms in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

The CRAFT Field Day opened with Altfrid backgrounding us in the operations of a seasonal pasture-based dairy farm—a rarity in his field, as most dairy farmers choose the constant cash flow that accompanies year-round calving. However, at Krusen Grass the clear beginning and ending of tasks that seasonality brings...

Our herd is growing!  We are pleased to welcome Ferdinand, the 3 year old Scottish Highland bull.  He joins our other cattle: cows Buttercup, Melody and Maizy, newly named heifers Harmony and Cavatina, steer Mai, and bull calf Mel.  Ferdinand has his work cut out for him, as we hope to have five new calves by next summer!  Enjoy a photo of the whole herd grazing on the hillside.