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Blog Archive: August 2018

Angelic Organics Learning Center Scottish Highland Cattle

“Come on cows!”   More than a few dozen youth and adults – some campers and parents, some staff, some volunteers – formed a chorus of calls for the herd of Scottish Highland cattle to move, for the first time, from the pastures on south campus at Angelic Organics Association to the north campus we call Kinnikinnick Fields, 80-acres of remnant, and degraded, oak savannah.  It will be the cows’ primary task to help restore this land.

Historically, this region was a vast oak savannah whose profound fertility was built up over many centuries in great...

I drive out to a remote part of the City of Beloit, Wisconsin one breezy summer evening to talk to Ben and Meghan Snare. I walk into their house—a renovated farm house—and begin setting up my gear while they get their children ready for bed. We sit down at their kitchen table, the warm glow of a cloudy sunset pouring into their home.

Despite growing up around farms, they didn’t have much experience in farming; in fact both went on to take full-time jobs in the tech industry located in the suburbs of...