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Blog Archive: December 2019

Dear Santa:

Please, do not be surprised if this is your first holiday letter from a goat. I am writing with Rudolph’s encouragement as he assured me that Santa loves his four - legged children too!

I have been an especially good goat this year. I have displayed courtesies that are unusual for a herd animal. You will not find me bucking or butting for more than my fair share of food (even if it is sweet grain with...

Each week our Stateline Farm Beginnings® (SFB) class is fortunate enough to have guest speakers come and discuss their farming experience, first-hand. During the third session of SFB, on November 9th, the course topic was land access. We had several farmers come and give detailed accounts of how their farms’ each gained access to land. One of the farmer speakers, Chris Prchal of Trogg’s Hollow in Poplar Grove, Illinois provided the class with transparent and honest information which I and several others in class appreciated. 

Trogg’s Hollow CSA and Market Farm is a family-owned and run...