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Enrichment with Yale Elementary Teachers and Students

By Martha Boyd, Program Director, Urban Initiative (Chicago)

This spring at Yale Elementary, Eat to Live provided enrichment activities in the classroom, after school program, and the Garden. Students related the Growth Cycle of plants with the parts we harvest and eat. They held red wrigglers from the food composting wormbin, and learned that worms have 5 hearts (don’t cut them in half)!  They tasted self-sown lettuce and lambsquarters (wild spinach), and learned to prepare healthy recipes. By mid-June, students and Garden volunteers planted half the Garden with tomatillos, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, corn, summer squash, and cucumbers. Deborah Riddle’s K-1 classroom planted 3 beds of beans from seed (see photo). Many thanks to Angelic Organics farm for donated seedlings! Yet to come: collards, kale, more lettuce, and completion of the rest of the Garden beds and pathways. The mulberries are also ripening, just in time for our Summer Solstice event on June 22. See for calendar of events and more.