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Learn & Share Farm Hacks at the Good Food Fest

Calling all Farmers! 'Farm Hack’ session at the Good Food Fest in Chicago (March 19-21, 2015)

good food festival, chicago, farm hackGrab your lunch and come join farmers from around the regional foodshed in an open session to share your best farm hacks: innovative techniques and tools that you've developed or discovered to save time, energy and, of course, money. From root washers to chicken feeders, discuss your best ideas and systems, and present your prickly problems to other farmers. Urban and rural farmers are both welcome to attend and invited to bring prototypes or photos to share on the main stage screen (please bring images on a pen drive). 

Hosted by the Upper Midwest CRAFT farmer alliance, Advocates for Urban Agriculture, and The Land Connection/C. Illinois Sustainable Farming Network.  Facilitated by: Tom Spaulding, Angelic Organics Learning Center; Jeff Miller, Sandhill Family Farms; and Todd Jones, Every Last Morsel.  

Farm Hack takes place at noon, Friday, March 20, 2015 on the Main Stage-Hall C at the UIC Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Ave., Chicago, IL. Consider joining farmers and buyers on Friday for the “trade show” portion of the Good Food Fest or for all three days.  For more information, visit the Good Food Fest website.

We're pleased to partner with FamilyFarmed on a special 30% discount for you. Follow this link for 30% off either (or both) of the Thursday and Friday Conference day tickets at the Good Food Festival.