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Keep Us Growing!

By Katie Townsend, Urban Farm Educator 

April 8, 2013 greeted us with wet rain. No worries I thought as the students will be snug in the Hoop House planting seeds for their gardens as well as the plots cultivated by the Roots and Wings Youth Leaders and the starts for the farm at Blackhawk Courts. Then the phone call came …our covering for the Hoop House on Kent Street had been destroyed.

My heart sunk. The resilient Eco Advocate students and Green Americorp Project Leaders had already fixed the structure once after extensive vandalism. (See picture of the Hoop House with giant Band-aids.) Would they be willing to try again? Will they do what it takes to keep growing? Although, the Hoop House cover will need to be totally replaced this did not stop the students from rising to the occasion. They helped salvage the plant cells from the nursery tables, secured the torn plastic and even gently moved the seedling hopefuls to sunny window locations.

Even with that we need help to grow. If you can donate some extra organically grown seedlings or grow some plants for us in your greenhouses, please contact us.


This is important because the Eco Advocates were growing seedlings for all the Roots and Wings Urban Initiative partners. Thank you ahead of time for keeping us growing.


This appeal is from Katie Townsend, AOLC staff member who works in Rockford with the Eco-Advocates, a vocational preparatory program on green jobs and urban agriculture for young adults facing barriers to employment.  Eco-Advocates is coordinated by Comprehensive Community Solutions (CCS) and is offered in partnership with Angelic Organics Learning Center. Eco-Advocates is a member of Roots and Wings, a network of youth development and urban agriculture initiatives in Rockford.