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For the Love of Food & Farms

Lenae Weichel, longtime volunteer and supporter of Angelic Organics Learning Center, is working toward a good food revolution. Undaunted by the state of industrial agriculture, Lenae focuses on the positive choices that nurture a sustainable food system. She explains, “I think when any of us as individuals are thinking of sustainability, the little things matter. When we participate as consumers in a local food system, it has an impact. Each individual together becomes a group, and the little choices we make every day becomes a movement.”

Lenae and her family began as shareholders in the CSA farm and embraced the community aspect of the farm. Preparing fresh, healthy food for her family, supporting the local food economy, and promoting environmental stewardship are important values to her. Extending her friendship to the Learning Center was only natural. 

During the next seven years, Lenae has gifted Angelic Organics Learning Center with her time, talents, and financial support. She has served on the Board of Directors, taken On-Farm programs with her family, chaired committees, served as a table host at our annual farm dinners, and is a volunteer instructor for the bi-annual food preserving classes. Lenae stated plainly, “Organizations like the Learning Center need the support of the community.” More than just a locavore - a new term coined for a local food eater - Lenae is also a patron of the arts and a steward of the earth.

To further explain her love for the Learning Center, Lenae states, “There is something for everyone here. The Urban Programs are positively affecting youth and adults, the Farmer Training Program is a valuable tool for people who want to get their hands dirty, and the learning opportunities and experiences offered on the farm are inspirational.” In the On Farm Programs, she goes on to explain, “people learn to be more self-sufficient, but also are contributing to the community in a new way. It helps the individual thread into the web of community.”

We are grateful to Lenae and her family for their long-term support. We invite you to join in the Good Food Revolution by supporting local food and farmers and the programs at the Learning Center. Click here for more information on how you can help support the movement!