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We will continue to stay strong!

 By Eco Advocates, Desmond Moore and Roger Ross.  

Recorded and Edited by Katie Townsend- Urban Farm Educator


The Ecos created a low tunnel because our high tunnel was vandalized during spring break. The construction crew consisted of Joey Grimmett, Roger Ross and Desmond Moore. Another name for a low tunnel is a caterpillar. Undamaged plastic from the original high tunnel was draped over PVC pipe hoops that were fastened to a raised bed. Now the seedlings for our farm tasks could be started under the little greenhouse. This all happened on Kent Street on the southside of Rockford, IL. A low tunnel was built next to the destroyed hoophouse.


This is the second time we ‘ve been vandalized so we‘ve come up with a saying . . . “We fall down seven times, we get up eight." We will continue to stay strong!