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Youth Leader Blog: Rooted in Community Conference

By Ketura and Milca St. Fleurose and Desmond Moore


Three Roots and Wings’ Youth, accompanied by Market Manager, Tedd Snowden, attended the national youth-led urban agriculture conference-Rooted In Community (RIC) in Los Angeles, CA in late August. Milca and Ketura along with farm apprentice, Desmond Moore were selected as workshop presenters for the conference.


We caught up with three of the youth, Ketura and Milca St. Fleurose and Desmond Moore to learn about attending this national gathering. When asked why they went to the conference (besides the fact it was in L.A.) the answer was: “To learn about different programs and gain knowledge to bring to ours.”


Milca said, “It made me feel inspired just like last year, honestly I feel lucky to go ‘cause so many people should experience something like this, ideas were shared and you hear all about different climate struggles and compare everyday moments. I feel like not a second was wasted, having fun and meeting all those people tends to change lives, it makes me want to live better as a human being.”


Desmond liked all the energy created at the conference and all the sharing of information.  He said, “It was great seeing all the kids in leadership roles.”  He was inspired by the performers at the open mic (where he also performed) and enjoyed participating in the food justice rally.


Ketura explained, “I think that the best story I have heard was when I went to the south L.A bus tour. I heard this man tell us about him having a community garden and them getting bought (out) by the politicians, because they were going to do a project. They ended up not doing the project. So, now they are trying to get their land back. I think this story was interesting, but tragic.”


Ketura concluded, “It was a great experience and I have learned so much about other gardens and farms.  And, I have met so may other people. And hopefully, I am able to go next year!”