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Angelic Organics Lodge is currently under renovation with plans to open in July of 2017. The Lodge will offer overnight farm stays that immerse your head, heart and hands in the rhythms of our organic & biodynamic farm!

Do you love Angelic Organics farm and the charming communities that surround it? Well then be our neighbor! There are local properties for sale, all less than a 5 minute walk from the farm...

Rounding the corner from the garden I heard what everyone else knew. A scream. A wail. Mourning that accompanies the death of a loved one. The foreign sound came from a cat on the stoop of an apartment near the Buddy House, our meeting place at Blackhawk Courts...

By the Root: Food Sovereignty
An occasional post from Harvesting Justice: Transforming Food, Land, and Agricultural Systems in the Americas
Food sovereignty is a term used around the world to call for food systems that are just, sustainable, and democratically governed by people and communities (not corporations). Food sovereignty is not a one-size-fits all approach, or a singularly defined demand. It is an expansive, and evolving vision that looks different in different communities. Six widely accepted principles of food sovereignty include: the right of everyone to healthy food; the valuing of all those involved in growing, harvesting, and...

There is always so much to do. Many days, my to-do list seems to grow longer rather than shorter.  Lately, I have been finding myself mindlessly eating in front of my computer at lunch or skipping lunch all together.  Yesterday, I didn’t have time to eat lunch or dinner and I knew it was time for an intervention.

Today I packed some lettuce from my Angelic Organics CSA box and harvested some zebra tomatoes and purple peppers from the Learning Center garden.  I did not attempt to multi-task as I prepared my food.  Instead, I quieted myself and focused on...

Trogg's Hollow, Chris Prchal, Stateline Farm Beginnings, CRAFT

Trogg's Hollow, Chris Prchal, Stateline Farm Beginnings, CRAFTWhen Chris and Marcy Prchal started a family, they decided to go into farming. They weren’t aiming to strike it rich; they simply wanted to provide for their family of six, give their children a meaningful upbringing, and support the community with sustainably grown, real food.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the Farm Photo Contest!  We received many beautiful entries and it was interesting to view all the different perspectives of the farm.  You can enjoy all of the submissions on our Facebook page

prairie restoration

By Katie Townsend, Urban Farm Educator


 Bound to celebrate the Fourth of July. The Patriotic Prayer Breakfast begins in thirty minutes. I dress with firecracker speed not to miss out on the doings. After the musical rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, speeches delivered and of course petition to the Maker there is the rest of the holiday. If snappy with my day off chores there will be time for viewing shimmering colors over the river. So why do I suddenly find myself pouring the last of my coffee into a travel mug, grabbing my backpack tossing in journal,...

Photo Contest at Angelic Organics Farm

Whether the focus is the Technicolor farm buildings, the unique livestock, the textures of the veggie fields, the macro shots of blooming flowers or the sweeping, pastoral landscape, people love taking pictures at Angelic Organics Farm.  We know that people have captured a great deal of beauty on this farm over the years and that is why we are holding the 15th Anniversary Summer Farm Photo Contest! 


You are invited to submit your favorite photos of Angelic Organics farm or Angelic Organics Learning Center urban or farmer training program.  All submissions will be featured on our Facebook page. ...

Neddy receiving her doctorate at Drew University

Fifteen years ago, Neddy Astudillo and her husband Tom Spaulding, Executive Director of AOLC, founded the Learning Center with help from John Peterson and a handful of other Angelic Organics shareholders.  Neddy and Tom were the Learning Center’s first On-Farm Educators.  We chose to highlight Neddy this month for the Web of Interconnections because she had such a strong founding role in our organization and because we are so proud of her for recently getting her Doctorate of Ministry in Ecotheology!  We recently spoke with her about her life’s work and the birth of the Learning Center.  

AOLC: When was...


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