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Eat to Live & Chicago Programs

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Eat to Live & Chicago Programs

In Chicago, for over 20 years Angelic Organics Learning Center’s E2Lprogram has:

·     Trained urban farmers

·     Secured land and infrastructure for urban farms in Englewood and Little Village

·     Provided leadership for participatory community development for urban agriculture and a vibrant local food system in Englewood

·     Served as a backbone organization for emerging civic spaces in Chicago related to Urban Agriculture

·     Advised and consulted on next generation of Urban Agriculture policies, educational programs and practices and provided training to citizens and students on urban agriculture policy and needs

·     Since 2004 Angelic Organics Learning Center and the Eat to Live (E2L)Program has sparked successful urban farms and gardens via a participatory community development approach.

·     The Chicago Urban Gardenand Incubator Farm programs began in 2014 and 2015 include a garden on Vincennes Ave. in the Englewood Neighborhood, and an Incubator Farm and Garden on Princeton Ave.

o  As the funding cycle has ended, Angelic Organics Learning Center activity will end in these locations after the 2019 growing season.

o  Juan and Dulce Cedillo, who have honed their gardening skills at the E2L Incubator Farm, will be allowed to continue farming at the Incubator Farm per an agreement with NeighborSpace for the next growing season. 

o   The garden on Vincennes Ave. will now transition back to management by Margaret’s Village.

Eat to Live Incubator Farm & Gardens
Our learning gardens and incubator farm engage people in food production, urban ecology, community health, and economic resilience.
History & Impact
Learn about impacts of our past work in Chicago.