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Continuing Farmer Education

Here's a sampling of resources recommended by the Farmer Training staff for those who are currently farming.

Farmland Tenure and Land Access

  • Iroquois Valley Farm - The Young Farmer Land Access Program maintains a growing list of young farmers who are building their business and leasing more farmland. After acceptable review by the company’s Impact Advisory Board, these farmers become eligible for tenancy on future farmland acquisitions—most are third or fourth generation farmers. The Young Farmer Land Access Program actively seeks young farmers with a diversity of operations, including grains, local and organic foods, vegetables, and pastured livestock. If you are a young farmer in the Midwest, Great Lakes or Northeast interested in growing your sustainable agriculture farmland acres, contact them!
  • The Land Connection: Farmland Classifieds  - New farmers and farmland owners are invited to use this site to connect with each other and to the resources they need to farm sustainably. By matching aspiring farmers with retiring farmers and landowners through online posts, this site seeks to promote continued agricultural production and the protection of Midwestern farmland.
  • MOSES Land Link-Up - MOSES offers a free online service to farmers seeking farmland or landowners looking to sell property. Visit the site to view available farmland or place an ad. All ads will remain on the site for up to 90 days.
  • Liberty Prairie Foundation



Management Tools





Advanced Training

  • MOSES Mentorships  - The MOSES Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program pairs experienced organic farmers with transitioning organic farmers to promote the successful adoption of organic methods through one-on-one interaction. The mentoring program also pairs farmers with one or two years of farming experience that are interested in expanding into a new farm enterprise with mentors.
  • Master Dairy Grazier - The Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship of Grassworks, Inc., is dedicated to providing a guided pathway to independent dairy farm ownership, developing grazing careers, and strengthening the economic and environmental wellbeing of rural communities and the dairy industry. Laura Paine, Program Director PO Box 65 Medford, WI 54451 Phone: (608) 338-9039