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Farmer Training Resources

Welcome! These resources are for Upper Midwest CRAFT Farm and Friend members, including Stateline Farm Beginnings® students. If you're not already an Upper Midwest CRAFT member, click here to join now.

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Here's a sampling of resources recommended by the Farmer Training staff for those who are currently farming.




Management Tools






The following resources were developed by the Farmer Training Initiative to help farm interns and employees visualize their skills to prioritize and focus their areas of training.  

2017 Upper Midwest CRAFT Handbook
2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of Upper Midwest CRAFT! Click 'Learn More' below to flip through the 2017 Upper Midwest CRAFT eHandbook!
Upper Midwest CRAFT Resources
Handbook, Listserv, Member Farms, Profile
Beginning Farmer Resources
Production, Networking, Listservs, Beginning Farmer Tools
Continuing Education for Farmers
Land, Certifications, Machinery, Management Tools, Markets and Financing
Partner Resources