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Farm Asset Builder (FAB)

Applications Available! Deadline is December 8, 2017.

Farm Asset Builder is an Individual Development Account (IDA) matched savings program that strengthens farm businesses through asset acquisition and technical assistance. Farmer participants work with Angelic Organics Learning Center staff and partners to improve their financial and business planning skills. Participants also develop a plan to save a portion of their earned farm income over the course of one year. While there is no minimum, the maximum amount of savings that will be matched is $2,000. The Department of Health & Human Services offers income-eligible farmers opportunity to earn even more money through an Assets For Independence (AFI) grant from the Administration for Children & Families. Applicants who qualify for AFI funds will receive an additional $2 match for every $1 saved!

Program Eligibility

Angelic Organics Learning Center welcomes applications from farmers that:

  • Farm in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, or the Chicagoland area
  • Have been producing and selling farm product for at least one year
  • Are Upper Midwest CRAFT members or Stateline Farm Beginnings graduates
  • Demonstrate gross farm revenue of at least $15,000 for the previous fiscal year
  • Plan to expand their farm businesses and earn most of their income from farming
  • We also encourage military veterans to apply!

Strong Candidates will posess:

  • A need for financial support and desire to grow their farm operations
  • A need for additional financial management coaching
  • A strong connection with the local farming community and a desire to give back
  • Potential to complete the program and capacity to save $2,000
  • Ability/motivation to share and improve record-keeping practices, maintain communication with our staff, and complete/update a business plan with three years of financial projections

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