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Mission & Vision


Angelic Organics Learning Center builds sustainable local food and farm systems through experiential education and training programs in partnership with rural and urban people.


We envision a dynamic and enduring partnership between farmers and consumers who strive for economies, ecologies, and cultures that respect the land and honor the people who work it, know healthy food as a human right, celebrate the beauty and mysteries of life and the living earth, encourage authenticity and self-reliance and cooperation, and are sustainable over many generations. We also support regenerative agriculture systems that address the climate crisis.

Guiding Principles

We believe:

  • Community supported agriculture and organic and Biodynamic farming bring people into positive relationships with the land, food, farmers, and the community.
  • Healthy living soils lead to healthy plants, animals, and people.
  • Biological and cultural diversity are essential to the health of our world.
  • A measure of a healthy society is how we care for the least fortunate among us.
  • Change happens when a person connects their passion and talents with the needs of the community.
  • We make a powerful impact when we live the change we want to see in the world.