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And the Winner is...Beets!

The picnic bench at the farm was filled with goat milk ice cream, black raspberries and mulberries, and three plates of brownies filled with “mystery” vegetables. Campers in our cooking day camp had baked brownies, each group with a secret ingredient from the farm. A blind taste test revealed that the favorite dessert was made with...beets!


One of the campers said, “When I told my mom what our secret ingredient was, we were both kind of grossed out because we don’t like beets, but then, it was my favorite cake of all!”


We’ve just finished our first week of day camp with 24 children, and, once again, I see the power of the farm for the children who come here. They experience food differently when they’ve been part of both the kitchen preparation and the farm labor to produce and harvest the basic ingredients. By the end of the week, they’ve fed and milked the goats, weeded the cornfield, and gathered wood for the fire to cook their pizza. They not only understand where the basic ingredients in food come from, but also have a sense for the work required to raise healthy livestock and crops. And, when children value the food, they are much more likely to try new foods. In the end, they might just figure out that they like beets after all!