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Roots & Wings Youth Leaders Mark end of Growing Season with Thanksgiving Harvest Dinner

Where were you on November 19th, 2010? If you were not at the 2nd Annual Harvest celebration hosted by the Roots & Wings Youth Leaders, you missed a dinner that included turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, fresh salad, squash, lemon pie, sweet potato pie, and cheese cake.

Many of the food items were prepared by the Youth Leaders themselves and some of the food came out of some of our Rockford gardens. Most people enjoyed seconds and thirds.

The food was absolutely wonderful. Yet, the food was not the highlight of the event. Neither was the dance extravaganza put on by youth from Buddy House.

The most outstanding part of the night was perhaps the showing of a slideshow that highlighted the Youth Leader program. Kolten Luvert created a slideshow that illustrated the life and times of the 2010 Roots & Wings Youth Leaders. From the hard work of planning, planting, and composting to the rewards of experience and accomplishment, the slideshow gave a clear picture of what the Youth Leaders are all about-learning, playing, and  working hard. The audience was very much edu-tained by the slideshow. Ohs & awhs were followed by "I didn't know they did all of that." Good job Kolten!

The Roots & Wings Youth Leaders also did a wonderful job hosting their 2010 Harvest Celebration/Thanksgiving Dinner. John Henderson and Destiny Newton did a good job as MC's for the event. They explained the purpose of the gathering and gave an overview of the vision, mission, and goals of Roots & Wings. The Youth Leaders did such a good job of showcasing their program that several young people lobbied for an opportunity to become Youth Leaders. The Roots & Wings Youth Leader application process will begin in early March, but Youth Leader nominations from the community will be accepted all winter long.

Young people also participated in urban farm bingo. Winners of an evaluation based raffle, organized by Youth Leader Dejah Anderson, received a gift basket that included honey, soap, a Youth Leader water bottle, and other goodies.