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Margaret grew up on a conventional dairy farm in northern Illinois and always wanted to farm, but thought it was too unrealistic. She and her husband Mark, a city kid, got a few cattle as soon as they moved onto their six acres. They wanted to make sure that their daughters were brought up around livestock. So the girls both helped to raise a few beef cattle and show them through 4H and at the county fair each year.


When asked about Mark as a farm laborer, Margaret drew back and laughed. She said that when they first...


In Rockford, Illinois, lives a young woman with a big dream. Monica Logwood, a 16-year-old open to a world full of possibilities, has become a role model to younger children through her participation in the Learning Center’s Roots & Wings program. Although thriving now, Monica wasn’t always enthusiastic about getting involved and helping her community.


Everyday when school dismissed Monica and a friend would head to their local community center—the Salvation Army’s Kilburn Community Center—to be part of various after-school activities. When invited to join the center’s Roots & Wings group in 2005, Monica and her friend said...


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