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Nature's Farm Camp at Angelic Organics Learning Center


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Covid-19 Update: 

The 2021 overnight camp season is still a work in progress.

While we are still planning some overnight camps for summer 2021, we are waiting for Covid restrictions to be lifted before we make any announcements.  We plan to have a final decision on overnight camps by March 2021.

Camp for Free-Range Youth!
We are a week-long, overnight farm camp for girls and boys ages 8-15. Kids help run the farm - immersed in animals, great food and outdoor adventure. 

Adorable animals (and farm chores!), adventure hikes, creek exploration, nature art, building projects… each day is big! In no time, kids become part of the working farm, forming deeper connections to the land, animals, food, and each other. 

And while great food is a big part of camp, the goal isn’t just for kids to become more adventurous eaters, or even to become farmers and chefs (although that would be great). Camp is set up intentionally as an environment for kids to flourish.

Peas in a Pod


Why Nature’s Farm Camp at Angelic Organics Learning Center
We grow kids that can change the world in a place that is changing the world. Camp happens on a world-class working farm: it includes a production vegetable business and a small scale animal operation using regenerative practices to restore native ecosystems. Combined, we're building local food systems and sequestering carbon (and training other farmers to do the same).

The two hundred acre property and facilities gives us a chance to immerse kids in what's possible - and in the process develop skills for 21st century success. Camp is a great place for kids to realize their abilities to solve problems, and engage with nature and adventure, becoming exactly the type of young leaders our communities need.


Where Camp Happens 
The Angelic Organics Farm campus in Caledonia, Illinois is 200 acres of vegetable fields, oak savannah, majestic pastures, and woodlands located 90 minutes from Chicago, 60 minutes from Madison & Milwaukee.  We also offer overnight adventures for families, groups, and schools on summer weekends and all spring and fall.

You can learn more about our camp history in the Parent Handbook. You can also learn more about Angelic Organics Learning Center and Nature's Farm Camp on our websites. 

Camp Activities What a Peach
We have a lot to do on the farm! Campers engage in daily activities such as feeding goats and chickens, refreshing water buckets, and collecting eggs. Kids earn their "green thumb" by pulling weeds, planting seedlings and turning the compost piles. Our activities teach responsibility in a way that is satisfying and formative. We also believe in the value of play and independence. Kids enjoy group games, relay races, ice-cream making using ingredients from the farm, nature exploration, hiking across our 200 acres, campfires, nature crafts & more!

Field-to-Fork Meals
Our kid-friendly & organic meals are prepared with fresh ingredients, primarily from our organic/biodynamic farm and local sources. All meals are vegetarian friendly, and often we find that the fresh produce from our farm is so delicious, even meat eaters choose to eat vegetarian meals! Food is prepared onsite and campers are involved in harvest and preparation. 

Even as camp life requires loads of energy, we think of food as far more than just calories. From garden time to meal prep and from taste tests to meal sharing, camp provides a unique opportunity to foster healthy relationships with food.

Bike Blender

Experts In the Field
Angelic Organics Learning Center first began offering on-farm programs in 1999, in partnership with the Angelic Organics CSA Farm. Our founders transformed the Angelic Organics Farm campus into a living classroom, offering field trips and farm tours, to connect people with the farm, and teach them about the relationships between food, farmers, and the environment. 

Nature's Farm Camp grew out of Elena Marre and Tim Magner's experience working together with The Kids' Table and Truck Farm Chicago. It was, and is, about their desire to get kids out of the city and connected to awesomeness (and everything that sustains us). 

Together, our Farm Camp builds on this rich experience, and is designed to meet American Camp Association (ACA) standards. Campers spend the week with our combined team of passionate, experienced staff members. All counselors and educators have experience teaching, as well as expertise in the fields of agriculture and environmental sciences. You can read about some of Angelic Organics Learning Center camp staff here. You can learn more about us in our Parent Handbook.

Camp is based at Angelic Organics Lodge, which offers bunk-style lodging. Boys’ and girls’ dorms are on different floors with corresponding bathrooms and showers. Campers have space below their bunks and shared closets for belongings. The Lodge has plenty of natural playscapes, a crafts room, and a wellness center. A commercially certified 
kitchen Piano in the Fieldsoffers space to prepare farm-to-table meals sourced primarily from Angelic Organics Farm. 

Campers will also have the opportunity for a camping experience on the farm, staying one night on cots in big canvas tents we provide. They’ll prepare their own dinner and breakfast in either the woodburning oven or over the campfire.

Angelic Organics Farm Campus
On the northern tip of Angelic Organics Farm, Angelic Organics Lodge sits on limestone bluff surrounded by old oaks overlooking the bend of Kinnikinnick Creek. The beautiful grounds are connected to nearly 200 acres of vegetable fields, oak savanna, pastures, and farmstead barns - inviting exploration, wonder, creativity, and revitalization.

At the Garden

Who Can Attend?
We accept campers of all genders from ages 8-12 during regular weeks, and ages 12-15 during teen weeks. Boys and girls reside on different floors in bunk style rooms. We are happy to accommodate youth with special needs or different abilities as much as we are able to. Contact us directly if you have concerns about your child's ability to attend, or if your child has any chronic conditions or requires medical, mental, or emotional care.

We are also proud to have a scholarship fund through which we can make sure kids of all backgrounds have a chance to go to camp. You can apply for financial aid online. If you'd like to apply for a full scholarship, please contact us directly at

Important Information for ParentsGolden Gate
If you'd like detailed info about facilities, a day at camp, menu examples, policies and more - view our Parent Handbook! You'll find outlines of opening & closing days, as well as a packing list and other helpful insights to prepare you and your camper for farm camp. The handbook also includes safety policies and health and wellness information that we have in place to keep all campers safe. The Parent Handbook is the best place to find detailed information. You can view it online, or download it and save it for later.

We know pictures are worth a thousand words, so please also check out photo albums from previous years! View camp photos from Angelic Organics Learning Center’s camps on Facebook or Flickr. View camp photos from Nature’s Farm Camp on their Facebook page.

Contact us to inquire about payment plans and scholarships.

With Goats

Come see us!
We want to meet you! Attend an open house or volunteer day this spring to meet our core staff. Stay tuned to our calendar, and sign up for our monthly newsletter to find open house or work days as they get scheduled. You can also find spring and fall events on our calendar to experience the farm before coming to camp. If you can’t make it on our scheduled days, contact us below to arrange a visit to Angelic Organics Lodge at your convenience.

Questions? Contact or 815-389-8455. Learn more about day camps or school groups for more ways to visit the farm. And feel free to contact us should you want to schedule a free private tour and meet our staff!


Registration Is Closed 
Unfortunately, we are unable to open overnight farm camp this season. For our full COVID-19 updates, please visit here.

Camp Session 1: Farm Leadership (ages 14-16)
Sunday, 6/21 to Friday, 6/26 | Register... SESSION CANCELLED

Camp Session 2 (ages 8-12)
Sunday, 6/28 to Friday, 7/3 | Register... SESSION CANCELLED

Camp Session 3 (ages 8-12)
Sunday, 7/12 to Thursday, 7/16 | Register… SESSION CANCELLED

Camp Session 4 (ages 8-12)
Sunday, 7/19 to Thursday, 7/23 | Register... SESSION CANCELLED

Camp Session 5 (ages 12-15)
Sunday, 7/26 to Thursday, 7/30 | Register... SESSION CANCELLED

Camp Session 6 (ages 8-12)
Sunday, 8/2 to Thursday, 8/6 | Register... SESSION CANCELLED