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Who will benefit the most from taking Stateline Farm Beginnings®?

We find the most successful applicants are those who rely on the least amount of “guess work” when striving to define/plan their farm business. Ask yourself:

+ Have you worked on a farm? Do you understand the various aspects of production? Do you have an idea of the skills needed to operate a farm?
+ Do you have access to land? Are you familiar with the location, acreage, and maybe even soil fertility of where your farm is or will be?
+ Do you have management/record keeping skills? 
+ Do you have a fairly certain source of capital or savings (i.e. start up funds)? 
+ Are you ready to start farming in the relatively near future? Is there urgency and motivation to get planning). 

The more you answered "yes" to these questions, the more suited you will be. Still not sure if you should apply? We can help.  

I don’t have access to land, should I still apply?

Yes! About 50% of the participants have access to land. Having land can help make your planning somewhat easier and more specific. It is not required by the program, however, nor is it necessary for planning a farm business. Often times beginning farmers assume that buying land is the first step to starting a farm business. This is false. New farm businesses often benefit by creating other land arrangements, like leasing land or renting a subset of a larger farm's acreage, learning how to establish and grow the farm business, then moving onto purchased land after years of capital accumulation or when the farmer's exact needs for a farm site have been refined.

Will I learn how to farm in this program?

No. The Farm Dreams Intensive & Farm Business Intensive sessions do not cover production topics. The spring/summer Skill Building Practicum session includes 10–12 on-farm Upper Midwest CRAFT Field Days that address production-oriented topics, a 1-to-1 mentorships that varies per participant, depending on agreements made between mentee and mentor.

What if I need to miss some of the Farm Dreams Intensive & Farm Business Intensive classes?

Stateline Farm Beginnings currciculm is carefully planned to delivery maximum content over a condensed period of time, therefore 100% attendance in the course is highly recommended. We do not recommending applying for the course if you anticipate missing more than one (1) scheduled week. However, life happens and we understand unforeseen circumstances arise. If you are not able to attend a session, we can provide recordings to help you catch up. 

 What is the structure of the 1-to-1 mentorship? 

No two mentorships are alike. The topics and skills of each mentorship are guided by the personalized learning plan the participant who creates it during in the Farm Dreams Intensive. The duration and structure around your work schedule or other commitments. They can range from full-time work on a mentor's farm to one or two sessions with the mentor to address the participant's learning goals.

Will Stateline Farm Beginnings match me with a paid farm job as part of the program?

No. The Stateline Farm Beginnings facilitator helps each participant determine their learning goals for the growing season. If these goals include paid farm work, the participant is responsible for finding their own job. We encourage utilizing Upper Midwest CRAFT resources (work-wanted and job opportunity postings in the Upper Midwest CRAFT eNewsletter, the member contact list, and word-of-mouth networking).

Will the Stateline Farm Beginnings facilitator help me to find a mentor?

Yes. The Stateline Farm Beginnings® facilitator meets with each participant and assists in matching them with an appropriate mentor. Following through with the advising will then be in the hands of the participant.

How many Upper Midwest CRAFT Field Days am I required to attend as part of the program?

The is no minimum requirement, however it is strongly recommended that participants attend as many field days as possible to gain valuable experience that cannot be replicated.

Do I receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the program? 

Yes. Participants who successfully complete 75% or higher of course assignments receive a certificate of completion. The last session/graduation is scheduled is scheduled in December. Participants receive their certificate of completion in the mail shortly after.

Can two people take the course and pay only one tuition? 

Yes, as long as they are working on one (1) farm plan. We call this couple a “farm family” but it may consist of 2 business partners, 2 family members, or 2 personal/life partners. Stateline Farm Beginnings only provides one set of resources (course access, assignment feedback, etc.) for each “farm family,” but individuals are included in the course roster and welcome to join classes.

Can I set up a payment plan for paying the tuition?

Participants may divide their tution into smaller payments, with tutition paid in full upon the first day of class.

New for 2021:
Can't commit to the course all at once? Apply for Farm Dreams Intensive and take the remainder of the course within two offerings.

What is your refund policy?

The Stateline Farm Beginnings® application fee is non-refundable. If accepted, this fee will be applied toward your tuition balance.

Stateline Farm Beginnings® course tuition is non-refundable after the end of the first session (Saturday, January 8, 2021). After the end first session, if you are unable to attend for any reason, you will receive up to a 50% tuition credit toward the next Stateline Farm Beginnings® course, prorated based on your progress in the course. If you are unable to attend the follow year course, we will send you documentation so your tuition fee can be recorded as a tax deductible contribution to the ongoing work of Angelic Organics Learning Center.

Have more questions? Reach out!