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What We Do

  • Grow Good Food: We help people learn and adopt sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming practices.
  • Connect People to Food & Land: Our hands-on education engages the whole person, providing a deeper understanding of food, farming, and the environment.
  • Advance Healthy Food as a Human Right: We work toward a world in which everyone has access to healthy food - and a connection to the farmer that grows it!
  • Build Partnerships: We believe that partnerships between farmers, distributors, cooks, and eaters are the cornerstone of a healthy local food system.
    On-Farm Workshops, Camps & Events
    Our On-Farm Initiative offers hands-on learning opportunities at Angelic Organics farm, a vibrant Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.
    Farm Stays at Angelic Organics Lodge
    Angelic Organics Lodge is now OPEN, offering educational farm stays, camps, retreats, field trips, and rental opportunities for groups and special events.
    Farmer Training
    Our Farmer Training Programs provide hands-on training, business planning skills, financing opportunities, and collaborative networks for the next generation of sustainable and organic farmers.
    Urban Agriculture
    Our Urban Agriculture Programs work with Chicago and Rockford communities to build local food systems.